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5.  Why net profit?

Throughout our web site, we make reference to net profit.

We are drawing attention to the need to manage the bottom line, as well as the top line (i.e. margins and sales) and everything in between.

Many owners, presidents, CEOs are focused on the top line. They believe that higher sales is the answer to long term success. Along the way, some lose sight of the fact that they might be earning less (relatively speaking) and incurring more business risk.  

Based in part on lean thinking principles, we help clients see, then make decisions and take action to change management or business processes that are eating into the company’s earnings or impeding the company’s development and growth.  

Examples include: recurring errors (rework, premature failures, returns), expediting shipments to customers or from vendors, rescheduling work to overcome unplanned and unexpected delays, unnecessary handling, processing, packaging, inventory, vehicles, equipment, space and more.