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business improvement - solution and results

A safe, fast, easy and affordable way to

increase and sustain profits, and more.

10.  Is there a contract?

FarLook does not require a contract and neither should our clients.

A client can change or suspend a FarLook program at anytime, either temporarily or permanently, and without penalty.

Before and throughout the program, there is clarity and agreement on:

  1. The scope - the boundaries - of the program.
  2. The commitment that the management team and FarLook makes on the collaborative approach  to be taken to design, develop, agree, implement and optimize the improvements.
  3. The assessment  and agreement on the identifiable factors that are controllable and uncontrollable.
  4. The agreed process and tools used: a) to measure, track and report the improvements (usually weekly); b) to sustain the changes; and, c) to take corrective action(s), when required.
  1. The weekly investment.