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business improvement - solution and results

A safe, fast, easy and affordable way to

increase and sustain profits, and more.

9.  How much time does it take?

A measurable flow of results is typically achieved starting in week eight.

However, improvements have been realized as early as the third or fourth week of a FarLook program.

The benefits can equal or surpass the weekly investment between weeks ten and twelve - sometimes earlier - and thereafter, when:

  1. The top decision-maker is actively involved each week.
  2. Each day, the in-scope management team members are committed - not just involved - to the success of their FarLook program .
  1. The need for change is understood, accepted, agreed to and communicated down and across the organization.
  1. There is a sense of urgency. Decisions to make the required changes are swift. Actions are carried-out with purpose and thoughtfully.
  2. The process for measuring and reporting results is developed, agreed to and embraced by management.