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11.  What does FarLook do (the features)?

The primary feature of FarLook's services is sustainable improvements in profitability through employee learning and development that are cost-effective, efficient and time-sensitive. The new knowledge, skills and experience gained by employees are applied to their area of responsibility.

The methodology is based on FarLook’s  experience in: 1) business analysis practices; 2) performance metrics development, 3) organizational development, 4) business strategies, 5) management skills and practices, 6) adult education techniques, 7) shaping and influencing the employees’ attitudes, 8) employee training and development, 9) management and business process improvement, and 10) change management and business optimization techniques.

Central to this customized, on-the-job employee development process are:
1) learning sessions, tools, and supporting materials, 2) applied “thinking” strategies, 3) applied problem-solving techniques, 4) controlled implementation processes, 5) methods to visualize realized improvements, and 6) one-on-one employee follow-up.