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13.  What is FarLook's guarantee?

FarLook guarantees that a client can realize a minimum $3 in-scope improvement for every $1 invested, when management follows the agreed to program.

At a minimum, the client’s top decision-maker takes an active, weekly role to demonstrate ownership.

The in-scope area management team(s) work hand-in-hand with FarLook to agree on each  problem or opportunity, the solution, the benefit, and the change process, including the measurement and reporting of the results.

The reporting is usually done weekly to ensure that the Program is proceeding as planned and on-schedule.

In-scope means the business functions, departments, work areas, etc. that are included in the client’s Program.

Clients acknowledge that FarLook does not have any authority over their employees, nor can FarLook control unforeseen or uncontrollable events.