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Employees that Want to Learn

The best companies hire and develop the right people.

They can demonstrate who their best employees are.

These high-potential employees know that they are valued. They are nurtured, developed and empowered.

Management’s Desire and Capabilities

Management positions are sometimes filled with employees that were hired or promoted for the wrong reasons, while others just evolve into these positions.

Little is usually known about these employees’ real desire, capabilities and confidence to staff, direct, coordinate, coach and support the work of others.

Applied Learning & Problem Solving

FarLook has the processes, tools and know-how to help companies identify and then develop high-potential employees by increasing their knowledge, skills and experience to lead, coach and mentor others.

The 80:20 Employees

As few as 20% (two in every ten employees) can account for 80% of a typical company’s results.

These critical few (20%) outperform the average employee by 2:1; and, lower producers by 10:1.

They are often the first to leave (unexpectedly).

Square Peg Round Hole

As many as 60% of a company’s employees might be in the wrong job. Up to 10% of these employees can be in management positions.

4% are usually in senior positions and as many as 50% can be overpaid, ineffective or both.

The New Economy

Better informed and more demanding customers means stiffer competition, higher levels of quality and service, and lower prices.

A company requires high-performing, innovative, dedicated employees to compete successfully.

Management Skills

When a department or function under performs, chances are management’s desire or capabilities are incomplete, deficient or absent.

Too Much Hourly Work

There is a tendency for lower performing management team members to spend too much time doing the employees’ hourly work.


Employee development suffers and opportunities to improve the business are missed. Left uncorrected, this can be a recipe for disaster.