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Lean Principles

Competitive organizations have a lean-based mentality and strategies that cut across their companies to eliminate “waste   ”. Their management teams:

Simplify, Streamline,  Standardize

FarLook’s processes and tools helps management to:

Maximizing Asset Performance

Operations are the recurring activities that produce value for the stakeholders - suppliers, employees, customers, the owners and others.

These activities can include projects, processing, manufacturing, fabrication, maintenance, distribution, transportation, services and others.

Consistent, Better, Sustainable

The objective is to manage a consistent flow of goods or services that adds value for customers.

A company’s competitive position, growth and net profitability are improved:

  1. By achieving consistently higher and quicker rates of throughput from its assets;
  2. According to safe, ethical work practices;
  3. In an environmentally responsible manner;
  4. At the required level of quality; and,
  5. At the lowest total economic cost.

These companies depend on the correct design, execution and optimization of their supply chains.

Missed and Hidden Opportunities

The major sources (root causes) of customer dissatisfaction, time delays, added costs, waste and reduced net profitability can usually be traced to:

  1. A faulty supply chain network.
  2. Weak value management process.
  3. Poor relations with suppliers.

business improvement - solution and results

A safe, fast, easy and affordable way to

increase and sustain profits, and more.

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