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business improvement - solution and results

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Dynamic Companies

They know how to quickly realign, to adapt to changes in their markets, to deal effectively with tougher competition and to satisfy more demanding customers.

Trying to be everything to just about any customer is costly, risky and unsustainable over the longer term.

Customer Based Results

Organizations that excel in their industry ensure that the efforts of all employees in each  department are customer-focused and coordinated company-wide.

Their passion (objective) is to satisfy their customers’ needs and expectations, both internally and externally, with the greatest care and speed, but at the least cost.

Competing Profitability

FarLook provides management with strategies and techniques to develop a customer-focused company.

The solutions are geared to anticipate and manage predictable and unpredictable market changes.

Marketing: The Bigger Picture

Marketing entails more than advertising and promotions. It is more than a department. It is a customer-driven, company-wide strategy.

Management, business and change processes are developed, agreed to, implemented, managed and optimized to align the efforts of every employee across the company.

Company-Wide Strategy

The objective is to identify, attract and service the changing needs of targeted customer-types:

  1. Research, analyze, select, promote to specific markets, attract and qualify prospects.
  2. Structure the sales team and sales methods to manage long-term, profitable relationships with qualified customers.
  3. Realign the company’s  resources to service specific types of  customers and their individual, changing needs.
Vital Communication Link

Real sales is all about:

Managing Expectations  

Understanding the specific needs of customers, prospects and suspects.

Being Proactive  

Managing relationships by fulfilling agreements and anticipating needs.

Adding Extra Value  

Knowing that satisfied customers often result in repeat sales; delighted customers  can mean additional sales opportunities; and surprised customers can possibly result in “real referrals”.