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Supply Chains

Supply chains are more than suppliers providing materials, parts, equipment, resources or services to customers to fulfill their sales.

Supply chains are also comprised of strategies, information, processes, technology, money, and most important, people working together.

Value Chains

Understanding what each customer expects, needs and values is the distinction between a supply chain (push) versus a value chain (pull).

Starting with a company’s customers, the focus is to achieve more consistent and higher levels of value for each supplier-customer in the chain.

This cooperation extends backwards inside the company across the departments through the internal processes to its external suppliers.

The same efforts extend to the external suppliers, their suppliers, their producers and eventually back to the raw materials.

FarLook's supply and value chain
Back, Mid and Front

Support offices are not very exciting.

But, management often overlooks the tremendous opportunities that these activities hold for a company.

More Missed and Hidden Opportunities

Almost every day, management can reduce costs, cycle-time and business risk, and improve customer relations and its marketing intelligence efforts.

These changes can be the fastest, easiest and least risky to implement; the benefits are often significant.

Smarter Companies

The best run companies realize that higher levels of customer-satisfaction strengthens customer loyalty, which increases retention rates.

This often leads to increased sales and can create new business opportunities, as well as real referrals.

Supply-Value Chain Management

FarLook works with its’ client management teams to help identify, formulate and deliver the increased value that their customers want and expect, but at lower cost:

FarLook's value chain (pull)

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers increase along a
supply-value chain,  when all the suppliers are adding value at reduced cost by being responsive
to what  their customers’ value.