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These activities produce value for external and internal customers. They directly and indirectly support the products and services sold.

Support activities maybe outsourced, off-shore, on-shore or performed in a remote or separate facility. They vary by industry and company:

The objective is to optimize the flow of goods and services across the company, so as  to add value for its customers, at the appropriate level of quality, but at  the lowest total economic cost.

Nimble Companies

Support activities are necessary and expensive. They need to be managed to maintain a competitive position.

But, the business environment is constantly shifting.

A company that is in-control is aware, has insight and is able to quickly adjust to changes in its markets without compromising customer service and net profit.

Eroding Profits

When sales increase, support resources usually lag. The quality of work suffers. Late deliveries, overtime, errors and injuries tend to increase; net  profit shrinks.

When sales decrease, costs remain relatively too high; there is pressure to reduce prices; net profit shrinks.

Managing Trade-offs

FarLook helps management see the distinctions:

Bottom Line

Accelerating predictable, net profitable growth is on the minds of owners, the board, presidents and CEO’s.

Strategic Numbers

In excellently run companies, management understands the numbers - accounting fundamentals.

Each team member knows how their respective area of responsibility and accountability positively (and negatively) impacts the bottom-line.

Effective accounting practises and controls help prevent errors, abuses and fraud across the company.

FarLook's managing trade-offs